Wisconsin Badgers using Technology for a Better World

What We Do

We create software projects that help work towards the UN's sustainable development goals, which focus on environmental, economic, and social issues. We collaborate with global Nonprofits through our parent organization, create local impact through outreach, and help students make friends and build their careers. If you're interested in working with us, feel free to email us.

Who We Are

DSSD Madison is a student chapter of Data Science for Sustainable Development that operates out of The University of Wisconsin - Madison. We aim to equip students with the industry experience and supporting community they need to make a real impact on the world, all while implementing projects that do good right now.

Get Involved


Our First Annual Mario Kart Social!

Jack Blake

This fall we hosted our first annual Mario Kart social. We had Domino's pizza, and soft drinks, and held a tournament to determine the club Mario Kart Champion. Congrats to Sam Henrichs for the win this year! The tournament was set up as three pods that competed concurrently to determine finalists.

Koe Koe Tech Guest Speakers

Jack Blake

We recently had the privilege of receiving a high-level technical overview of the methods and practices used at Koe Koe Tech, a Myanmar base machine-learning endeavor dedicated to filtering violence, hate speech, and fake news out from social media. We were interested in learning about the challenges of creating language models dealing with multiple languages.


Mario Kart Social

One pod's semi-final round in our 2022 Mario Kart social event.

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